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10 Famous Actors Who Passed Away Too Early

Actors and actresses work day and night to make their movie a masterpiece. Some actors start very early, and some start late. But success hits them at the right time.  It is observed that enormous success sometimes makes the person go wild. The same happens with actors who died young. Some of them were met with an accident, and some passed away right on their film sets.

The world has seen many such actors who died young. Mainly these actors belong to the age group of 20- 42 years. In this age group, people are considered young and passionate beings. If these actors have not died an untimely death, they would have been successful actors of this era.  Some actors died on the sets. It triggered a new list known as actors that died on set.

Ten famous actors who died young

All the actors died young. They were just 40 or below it. These actors couldn’t make it to their young 40th birthday also. They just died an untimely death. The actors were at their career’s peak when they met with their death.

The following list mentioned below has the names of actors that died too soon, leaving us with unanswered questions.

1. River Phoenix

The actor was born in Madras, Oregon. His father was a carpenter, and mother, a Bronx born secretary.  River with his family moved to the United States in 1977.  Here he changed his last name with a phoenix as the epitome of the group they lived with.

Before coming to the movies, the river has worked in television shows. He came with his debut film explorer in 1988. His magnificent role as Danny pope was embraced by the audience a lot.  He also earned an academy award for his acting.

The river was just 23 when he died because of enormous drug addiction.  He is one of the names on the list of actors that died too soon.

2. Brandon Lee

He was born on 1 February 1965. He was the son of famous martial art expert Bruce lee and Linda lee Caldwell. He was a sibling to Shannon lee. In the early 1970s, the Lee family moved to Hong Kong. Here Brandon became an expert in Cantonese art and attended Boston College of arts to learn martial arts. He has acted in several movies like a showdown, rapid-fire, and the crow.

This young actor died of an accidental gunpoint wound that went inoperable. As a consequence, Brandon died young, making to the list of actors that died young.

3. Brad Renfro

Brad was born on 25 July 1982, in Knoxville. His parents Angela Denise McCrory and Mark Renfro.  His parents worked in a factory worker. The brad movies were the client, act pupil, the cure, and other iconic movies and television shows.

He died from a large dose of heroin, making him the one from the actors who died young list. The overdose of heroin has made brad’s body very vulnerable to other adversities. The soul left his body and put him up to the list of actors that died young.  At some times, brad became unconscious at movie sets. However, he couldn’t make it to the list of actors that died on set.

4. Heath Ledger

Heath Ledger was born on 4 April 1979. His birth city is Perth, Western Australia. His father is Kim ledger, a mining engineer who also raced cars. Ledger was from the Scottish and English descent.  His movies include ten things I hate about you, Ned Kally, a knight’s tale, monster’s ball, casino, candy, and the dark knight.

He died due to the accidental overdose of some lethal drugs. He is one of those actors who died young at the age of 28 years.

5. Jonathan Brandis

He was born in Danbury in the USA. His parents were Greg and Mary. Jonathan began his career at age 5, by acting in many television communications. Brandis appeared in small parts in several television shows and films. He started his career with TV and later moved to movies. Brandis executed suicide at a very young age. It is believed he did that because of some mental depression. Jonathan was among those actors that died too soon.

6. Corey Haim

He was born in Toronto to Barbie Haim and Judy Haim. He has a sister named carol and a half-brother called Daniel. He has worked in many television shows and movies like the lost boys, license to drive, Lucas, etc.

He died at the age of 38 years, which is a very young age. He died in California like other all actors who died young.

7. Sage Stallone

Stallone was an actor of American origin who was also a film director from Los Angeles. His best works including Robert Balboa, in the sports drama film “Rocky V” (1990). Stallone was the eldest son of actor Sylvester Stallone and his first wife, Sasha Czask.

He was just 36 years old and died an untimely death. Stallone was one of the actors who died young.

8. Johnny Lewis

The next in the list of actors who died young is Johnny Lewis. He was born and raised in Los Angelas in California. While pursuing acting as a profession, he was also doing several television shows. He was a multitasker in real life.

He died due to a head injury, which caused an excessive hemorrhage. Due to this, he has included in the list of actors who died young.  Some believe that Lewis died on the movie sets only, and thus he should be on the list of actors that died on set.

9. Mark priestly

Mark was born on 9 August 1976 in Australia. His full name is Mark Damien Priestly. Mark was an actor recognized for his acting in all saints and the farm. He has done exceptionally good roles in several movies. Mark was famous for his great performance but died soon, making him list actors who died young.

He died of a suicide he executed from the hotel’s room in which he has checked in. he is one of the famous actors who died young.

10. Ryan Dunn

Dunn was born on 11 June 1977 and died on 20 June 2011. He was one of those actors who died young. He was also a member of the jackass and viva la bam crew in the country. He came to prominence from his latest movies. He died in a car accident that took his life away.


These actors that died due to overdose of drugs or accidental misfortunes were exceptionally talented and famous. The actors who died young couldn’t even cross their 30s also. They died an untimely death associated with misfortune. These actors are, no doubt were very talented and had done good work in the film industry. But their fates were destined, and actors died young.


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