Kiefer Sutherland speaking at the 2014 San Diego Comic Con. Photo by Gage Skidmore

5 Movie actors who went crazy for real

Success often comes associated with a cost. Every person who gets success in his or her life has to pay a cost for success. The same happens in the film industry. It is observed from the studies that a large portion of Hollywood people went crazy after hitting success in their life. Insanity has come to them as the byproduct of success. The blissful gift of success has brought these actors the curse of insanity.

The actors who went crazy are undoubtedly phenomenal, but their sanity has lost somewhere. Some actors avoided being called in public and confined themselves in their rooms, while some do creepy things outside. Every week a Hollywood observes a new movie actor go crazy and register it on their crazy movie actors list. Each crazy movie actor has the same syndrome of inability to handle their success, and as a consequence, they become crazy celebrities and actors.

The following section of the article deals with the five crazy movie actors who went on the path of insanity.

List of 5 movie actors who went crazy

Crazy celebrities are also part of the entertainment industry as they were once the most talented actors in the industry. They have done much exceptional work in their sane and sound mind. But now, they are just insane with creepy attitude and mind.

Let’s look at these crazy actors who became crazy for real after their success in a film career.

1. Joaquin phoenix

In February 2009, Joaquin did something creepy and weird in his television show sets. Everyone on the set got astonished by the act of the crazy movie actor. Before going into insanity, he has worked in many mainstream films in Hollywood. Phoenix debuted as the youngest crew member for the romp comp of interstellar – Space camp (1986).

After this, he went on the road to success through his films. But slowly and steadily, he became a great alcoholic and succumbed to eccentric behavior. It all affected his film career a lot. He went crazy and due to his alcohol overdoses. Phoenix was under the influence of alcohol all the time. He lost his sane behavior a long time back.

His bizarre actions were covered by every newspaper, which was enough to destroy his career in Hollywood. He is one of those crazy celebrities who drunk excessively and then made a scene outside.

2. Kiefer Sutherland

Sutherland was born in London, England. He acted in his blood as both his parents were Canadian actors – Shirley Douglas and Donald Sutherland. The family moved to California after the birth of Sutherland. Here, the actor started his acting career. He was doing great in the movie industry, but the success drove him into a crazy movie actor for real.

One day, Sutherland went on doing on creepy things at his bought press. He passed lewd comments also in public to anyone. His behavior no longer remained sublime. Some say Sutherland went crazy because of his drunken behavior, which he was used to. At some parties, he took off his shirt also.  From here, other people got to know about his creepy behavior. After such violence, no director approached him for movies because he was on the top list of crazy actors.

3. Wisely Snipes

Wisely’s most of the life was lived on the streets. He has done a lot of rigorous work to get into Hollywood. He was humble at first, but as it is said, success comes with a tinge of arrogance and insanity. Snipes also underwent this. He was more creepy and weird than any other crazy movie actor.

He frequently charged everyone with his stupid comments, including director David Goyer also. He signed his movie, but later out of nowhere, refused it. The unprofessional behavior of snipes took him to the list of worst actors to work with.

Spines’ house antics got trampled when he was charging at the directors during the persuasion. This frightened the director to the peak level, and he closed the movie work for a while. The list is long, where wisely have done insane activities. The recent findings prove that wisely is one of the creepy actors Hollywood will ever find.

4. Tom Cruise

This name does not need any formal introduction. He is one of the versatile actors that Hollywood has. It is hard to believe that tom cruise is on the list of crazy actors. But it is true, indeed. All audiences love his movies. Tom was mostly into action movies when his wife, Katie Holmes, arrived in his life. Both were in love with each other. But misfortune hit the couple, and they lost their 8-years love story. Both headed to divorce, but tom went into depression after this.

He started doing creepy things and bothering his surroundings. It is said that tom was experiencing postpartum depression and chemical imbalances in his body. He was just eccentric and shut himself off from the world. Because of all these, his movie career got disturbed severely, and he becomes one of the worst actors to work with.

5. Charlie Sheen

Charlie sheen is known as a lunatic who does all absurd things for fun. He was a wonderful actor at that time. But insanity hit him hard when he was at the peak level of his success. Charlie was on the list of highest-paid actors when he went to the list of creepy actors.

He, too, passed lewd comments in public without any hesitation. His life was full of such lunatic activities. One day, he shot his fiancée’s arm with a gun in his so-called insanity. Later on, his fiancée called off the marriage. Moreover, the sheen was the actual creepy and crazy movie actor. He has a long history of abuse and charges at people all the time.


There were times when the crazy movie actor is full of energy and passion. They did every movie with dedication and fine work. But, the cost of success has made them eccentric and creepy. These creepy actors have destroyed their film careers with their unprofessional and bad behavior.

They are the worst actors to work with, and directors don’t find them fit for the films. They were once the finest actors of their era, but today they are just crazy movie actors with lots of troublesome behavior.


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