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8 Movie celebrities with physical imperfections

Beauty standards are changing every day. It is subjected to change. But some movie celebrities have changed this notion by embracing their physical imperfections. They never hid their imperfections, as they are still in their identity. To these movie celebrities, physical imperfections are just the best perfection they will ever have. Movie celebrities have embraced physical defects with all love and understanding.

The movie industry has considerable movie actors and actresses with physical imperfection. The imperfections never snatched their chances of excelling in the movie career. They do remarkable works in their movies to amuse and astonish the audience. These movie celebrities with physical imperfection have proved that the world doesn’t see your physical defect as a weakness. It is far stronger than that.

The list of 8 movie celebrities with physical imperfections

The list deals with some of the most talented movie celebrities with physical imperfections. It includes both actor and actress with physical imperfection.

1. Tina Fey

The first in the list of movie celebrities is Tina fey of date night. She is a wonderful actress and a good writer. Tina fey has a physical imperfection in her face in the form of a scar. Her left cheek has that scar which she never hid through makeup or some other means.

At the age of 5, Tina was attacked by a horrific acid attack, which gave her a scar. She was a child at that time, but the scar remained there. Fey was unconscious of the scar until she faced the camera for the movies. Tina has done many movies in which her scars are visible. She has never let her scar tell her story.

2. Megan fox

This actor is known for her good acting skills in the movies. She is part of many iconic movies. But this movie star has the physical defect of misshapen fingers. The condition is called brachydactyly in medical terms. In this condition, Megan’s thumbs appear misshapen and short with wider nails. Both her hands have this condition. However, her thumbs function normally.

The physical imperfection has never hindered her growth in the movie industry. And she never let it.

3. Denzel Washington

Denzel is considered as the actor with a physical defect who does his roles with great sincerity. Despite his deformed fingers, which are not considered good by many, he is doing well in the movie industry. While playing basketball, Denzel snapped his pinky finger accidentally and got the condition of misshapen fingers. His right-hand fingers misshaped severely.

The healing happened, but the fingers healed peculiarly. It led to the deformity of fingers in his hand. The fingers appear bad, out of fashion. The physical defect never hindered his path of acting in movies. Denzel acted in movies with a passionate attitude and made himself a movie star. He doesn’t consider the physical defect as a weakness. Rather, he is the actor with a physical defect who considers them a strong point.

4. Joaquin phoenix

Everyone knows this renowned movie actor with a physical defect, who gave us many masterpieces out of his acting skills. Joaquin has worked in dozen movies in his time. But he has a physical defect of facial scar which he never hid. The scar is near his lip, which is the result of cleft palate surgery he underwent. But it is discarded by many. Many experts say that phoenix has a physical defect from his birth. They further add that the scar is just a type of mild cleft palate.

Phoenix is one of the movie celebrities with physical imperfections that do his roles with great sincerity.

5. Gerard butler

The next on the list is Gerard Butler, who has physical imperfections of his ear lobes. It is observed that Gerard‘s ears just out form the other more. This condition is due to the surgery of his ears, which he underwent as a child. It is said that the butler was himself unaware of the deformity and remained unaware for major time. He also suffers from tinnitus in his right ear, which leads to deafness.

But when he got to know about the physical defect, it didn’t make any great difference. He went on his journey of acting with the same zeal and passion after knowing about the physical imperfections.

6. Jennifer Garner

Jennifer is an actress with physical imperfection who is highly acclaimed for her acting skills. She has a condition of brachymetatarsia. As per this condition, Jennifer has a shortened pinky toe that is overlapped by other fingers. This all leads to one of the five to toe bones to become shorter than the rest bones. This further makes it easier for other fingers to overlap in the toe of Jennifer.

Despite this physical imperfection, garner is still doing exceptional movies with full dedication.

7. Seal

The actor with the physical defect has prominent scars on his face. However, the scars have drawn more attention from his fans to him. For a long time, the seal’s scars were a mystery. The reason for his scars was recently unveiled. It is proved that the facial scars of the seal are the result of discoid lupus. It is an autoimmune disease that affects an organism’s head and neck. It further leads to prominent scars in the face in the form of butterflies. These scars appear as rashes in the face.

Sean’s face has such rashes that he never hid behind the makeup. He does his roles with great dedication. It is said that Sean regards that scars his identity’s part.

8. Gemma Arterton

You are familiar with this movie star who has done an excellent part in the James bond movie. She was part of many such iconic masterpiece movies. Gemma rose to popularity after her bond movie. Gemma is one of the movie celebrities who have a physical imperfection of polydactyl. The condition leads to an extra finger in her hand. She has six fingers in her hand. A boneless digit is seen adjacent to both her pinky fingers. It gives her a different appearance.

She is suffering from polydactyl since her birth. At her birth, doctors tied her extra fingers. Later on, these extra fingers fell off, leading to light scars in the hand of gemma.

It was a physical defect for everyone, but gemma has a different definition of it. She made this as her strength.


Actors and actresses with physical imperfection have proved that physical defects are just named. All actors and actresses mentioned have done their notable movie roles. They are indeed movie celebrities who are acclaimed for their memorable roles.


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