Author: Debbie Nichols

Practicing social distancing means spending most of your time at home. Unless you are an active remote worker who is still performing your daily tasks, you are likely to run out of things to do at home. In general, it can be frustrating but don’t sweat it. You can take charge of the situation and […]

Can Movies Root Portal be trusted

Moviesroot is a pirated torrent website that allows free movie downloads to its users free of cost. Users can see the latest movies and series on this platform even before the movie is released on the respective streaming platform or in theatres. Since everyone cannot get a paid subscription or watch a movie in a theatre, […]

Moviesda and Isaimini — How to unlock access to the sites

A rampant issue across the world is piracy. Multiple piracy sites have slowly cropped up affecting the movie releases worldwide by eating out a chunk of the box-office collections. Moviesda and Isaimini enable copyrighted content to be released online and downloaded for free before even the pictures hit the screens. The curious minds are too […]

The photo of Martin Scorsese by Siebbi

Not all of us are fans of unpredictability in life. But when it comes to movies, there is no saying any; it’s always more and more. Here is a list of 7 mind-blowing movies with crazy plot twists. Not to worry, there are no spoilers. Mind Games Fight Club (1999) With a mind-blowing movie twist, […]

womans black tank top

Dance movies are entertaining in nature. These movies entertain every age group of people. It does not matter if you are a dancer or a non-dancer; dance movies never fail to entertain. The joy offered in these movies is endlessly entertaining. Movies are very good and have a joyous persona to delight the audience. The film […]

The photo of Heath Ledger. Author Author: Howie Berlin.

Actors and actresses work day and night to make their movie a masterpiece. Some actors start very early, and some start late. But success hits them at the right time.  It is observed that enormous success sometimes makes the person go wild. The same happens with actors who died young. Some of them were met […]

Kiefer Sutherland speaking at the 2014 San Diego Comic Con. Photo by Gage Skidmore

Success often comes associated with a cost. Every person who gets success in his or her life has to pay a cost for success. The same happens in the film industry. It is observed from the studies that a large portion of Hollywood people went crazy after hitting success in their life. Insanity has come […]

Actor Joaquin Phoenix. Photo by Harald Krichel

Beauty standards are changing every day. It is subjected to change. But some movie celebrities have changed this notion by embracing their physical imperfections. They never hid their imperfections, as they are still in their identity. To these movie celebrities, physical imperfections are just the best perfection they will ever have. Movie celebrities have embraced […]