Can Movies Root Portal be trusted

Can Movies Root Portal be Trusted?

Moviesroot is a pirated torrent website that allows free movie downloads to its users free of cost. Users can see the latest movies and series on this platform even before the movie is released on the respective streaming platform or in theatres. Since everyone cannot get a paid subscription or watch a movie in a theatre, platforms like Moviesroot come into the picture to help such people get all the movies and series with the best video quality with no charges. Moviesroot usually uploads Bollywood and Hollywood movies with a little chunk of southern pictures.

Movies available at MoviesRoot

Moviesroot is a pirated movie streaming website that offers free and downloadable movies to its users with the good video quality. Users can go to the website, look for the movie they want to select, and download it. There are several movies available on the Moviesroot platform, such as action, sci-fi, romance, thriller, suspense, and many more. The platform offers almost all movies and series available on different streaming platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney+ Hot star, etc. The movies available at Moviesroot are pirated and copied from official streaming platforms.

Is it legal and safe to use this portal?

It is completely illegal and unsafe to use the portal of Moviesroot as the website is banned in most countries. Piracy of content is growing rapidly with the growing anonymity of users over the internet with the help of VPNs and proxy. It is promoting the culture of sharing free movies and series over the internet. This degrades the value of official streaming platforms and the quality of movie content as it becomes easily accessible. People should stay away from such illegal pirated content websites as they operate through unofficial domain IDs and contain inappropriate advertisements that can install unwanted content on the user’s device.

List of Free Alternatives to MoviesRoot

Following is the list of the top free alternatives available against Moviesroot:

  1. Torrentz2eu

There are several torrent websites available on the internet with many fake domains of torrents. Torrentz2eu is one of the most reliable torrent websites available on the internet. It offers a wide range of movies and series with diverse genres and good video qualities. The movies are easily downloadable on the platform free of cost.

  1. Cinemavilla

Cinemavilla is one of the most famous illegal public torrent websites that offer a wide range of pirated movies and series from Bollywood and Hollywood. Movies from Cinemavilla are downloadable with good video quality varieties. However, it is recommended for users to have a VPN before downloading or uploading any content from an illegal and pirated site to ensure anonymity and safety of the personal data through encryption.

  1. YTS

YTS or YIFY Torrents is a P2P group known for distributing a large number of movies with the help of BitTorrent. YTS is very consistent with its HD video quality assurance in a small file that helped the site get millions of users. The original YIFY Torrents or YTS website was closed and banned by the Motion Picture Association of America in 2015. Still, several websites claiming to be the YTS website received a significant amount of traffic through their wide variety of movies and series content.

  1. Skytorrents

Skytorrents is a private search engine movie streaming website that is intricately and particularly used while downloading torrent files. Users of Skytorrents can never be tracked, so they do not have to be apprehensive about cookies and other IP-related problems.

Top Paid Alternatives to MoviesRoot site

Following is the list of top legal and paid options against moviesroot Bollywood:

  1. YouTube

YouTube is one of the biggest platforms with several movies, web series, and TV shows. Since all movies on YouTube are not free, that creates an issue for the users. However, they can purchase or look for other movies of the same genre on the video streaming platform.

  1. The Internet Archive

Though not a popular platform, if the users are looking for good quality content with the latest movies, it is the best platform. It is a sea full of free movies and series with HD video quality. The website’s content, i.e., the movies and series, also keeps on updated regularly on its portal.

  1. Hot Star

A departure from expensive streaming platforms like Netflix, Hot Star is one of the best movie platforms that provide good quality downloadable Bollywood and Hollywood movies. Moreover, most movies are available for free, but still, it has a paid VIP subscription that offers some exclusive releases. Hot Star is one of the best options against Moviesroot to find legal and reliable movies with HD quality.

  1. Jio Cinemas

Jio Cinema is a video streaming platform that requires its users to have an attached Jio sim card for feasible access. Apart from movies and series, similar to that of movies root Bollywood movies, Jio Cinema offers a host of TV shows and documentaries for its users. The only bottleneck in the platform is that the movies here are not downloadable.

  1. Crackle

Crackle is known for hosting both retro and latest movies that blasted the charts upon their release. It is owned by Sony Pictures, which describes its reliability and genuineness. It is a good alternative to Moviesroot as it offers legalized movies and web series from the best cast of Bollywood and Hollywood. The only issue with this platform is that the user needs to create an account and register with the movie streaming platform to get access to its content.


Moviesroot is a good movie streaming platform in its wide range of content, HD video quality, and download feature. But what makes the site unreliable is that it is pirated and illegal. Such sites can steal the data of their users easily. If people cannot afford streaming subscriptions, then shall buy a secured VPN and upgrade it on their device before getting access to such pirated websites.


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