Deborah Mays aka Tatiana Namath — Bio Facts

Deborah Mays aka Tatiana Namath — Bio Facts About Broadway Joe Namath’s ex-wife

Deborah Mays was a model and an actress who married the famous professional footballer Joe Namath after dating. Her net worth is at a staggering $18 million, while Joe Namath net worth is $25 million.

Deborah Mays and Joe Namath

Who is Deborah Mays?

Deborah Mays started her career off as a model. She endorsed many brands and did several photoshoots during her stint. She was fond of horses as her house was close to a stable – that she could visit whenever she felt like. She got her nickname, ‘Debbie’, at Northeastern High School. Later on, Deborah Mays dropped out of Sweet Briar College as she decided to foray into acting and gained the deserved fame in 1983 by playing the role of ‘Tammy’ in the American television series ‘The Greatest American Hero’. However, her fame by being an actress was blocked by the whole Joe Namath wife thing. She was in a relationship with the American footballer Joe Namath, whom she married in 1984. She also got featured in a documentary movie by the name of ‘Namath’. Joe Namath, apart from being a professional footballer, was also an actor and author. He used to play for the New York Jets (1965-1977) and the Los Angeles Rams (1977). He starred in films like ‘The A-Team’, ‘Here’s Lucy’, ‘The Love Boat’, etc.

Parents, Date of Birth, and other Bio Facts

Deborah Mays was born on 1st March 1962 in the United States to Bud Mays and Shirley Mays. However, some claims say that she was born on 1st September 1964, but this definitely can’t be true because, by the time she got married, which was in 1984, she was 22 years old. She has always maintained a private life. She was successfully able to dodge the media attention even before and after the fame. Her father, Bud Mays, was one of the partners in a manufacturing plant for local toner, a powder used in photocopiers. So, you can say that Deborah Mays was born with a silver spoon in her mouth.

Where Deborah met her future husband, Joe Namath

Had it not been for Arthur Joseph, Deborah Mays wouldn’t have met her soon-to-be husband, Mr. Joe Namath. In the 1980s, Deborah Mays, aka Tatiana Namath, joined the voice lesson classes, and Arthur Joseph happened to be her teacher. She told him about her dream of marrying a professional footballer. At that time, Joe Namath age was 40. When her session was about to end, Joe Namath started attending the classes in the same institute. Arthur Joseph was excited to get them acquainted with each other; however, his wife objected to this because Debbie and Joe had an enormous age gap of 20 years. In the end, he went against his wife’s request, and soon after that, Joe and Deborah Mays started dating each other.

Wedding with Joe Namath

The grand wedding celebration took place on 7th November 1984 at a Premier Country Club in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. They took this decision after dating each other for about a year. All the wedding preparations were done by the one and only Deborah Mays, who had dressed up in a white dress, made of silk, while the husband wore a grey suit.

Deborah Mays and Joe

Everyday Kids of Deborah and Joe Namath

After the marriage, Deborah Mays and Joe Namath decided on two names for their children – John, if the child happened to be a boy, and Jessica, if the child happened to be a girl. So, after a whole year, Jessica Namath was born on 12th October 1985 in New York. Deborah Mays gave birth to another baby girl right after five years and decided to call her Olivia Namath. Jessica grew up and married Brian Kennedy; however, she later demanded a divorce in 2019 because she felt that Brian was not fulfilling his duty as a father and was under the influence. The divorce didn’t fail to attract attention because it involved Joe Namath somehow or the other. Olivia had to go through a lot in her life. She got pregnant at a very young age and soon became the mother of a baby girl. As per the reports, the child’s father was Edwin Baker, who had been put behind bars for several drug cases.

History with Name Changing

Deborah Mays, Joe Namath wife, wanted to be known by her name instead of her husband’s, so she decided to settle with ‘May Namath’. The result was not what she expected; thus again changed her name to ‘May Tatiana Namath’. Deborah Mays was a part of a documentary called ‘Namath: A biography’ which revealed that she felt like she was losing her identity because of the Joe Namath wife issue and ultimately decided to change her name.

The Divorce Story of the Couple

After 16 years of being married, the Joe Namath wife matter ended when the couple divorced each other in 2000. There is no conclusive reason why the divorce happened. Some claims say Deborah Mays was in a relationship with a plastic surgeon Brian Novack. In contrast, some say that Namath filed for a divorce and demanded the custody of the children, to which Tatiana Namath didn’t object. However, the friction had been stewing all along. Once, Debbie refused to accompany her family on a return flight from New York and stayed there. In 1998, Deborah Mays returned home but soon left for California and decided to stay there only. One of the lesser-known facts about Deborah Mays is that she helped her husband give up alcoholism. She knew that if he didn’t abstain from drinking, the repercussions would end up being reflected in their marriage. However, during the time of their divorce, he couldn’t control himself and started drinking again. As of now, Joe Namath net worth is $25 million.

New Life with Brian Novack

During the Joe Namath wife thing, Deborah Mays met Brian Novack in Los Angeles and instantly fell in love with him. In one of her interviews, she said that she was finding Florida boring. After the divorce from Joe, Deborah Mays married Brian, but even this time, things didn’t work out well either. The ending was not so happy as in 2008; it became evident that the two were no longer together.


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