Moviesda and Isaimini — How to unlock access to the sites

Moviesda and Isaimini — How to unlock access to the sites

A rampant issue across the world is piracy. Multiple piracy sites have slowly cropped up affecting the movie releases worldwide by eating out a chunk of the box-office collections.

Moviesda and Isaimini enable copyrighted content to be released online and downloaded for free before even the pictures hit the screens. The curious minds are too hooked to catch a first-hand glimpse making these sites like Moviesda all the more popular.

The fall in ticket sales can be attributed to these pirated websites. Famed for its Tamil, Malayalam & Telugu movie leaks, these sites repeatedly seem to be giving the industry a hard time to recover from the losses. These sites are designed especially to target mobile users.

Moviesda site is also curated to fit in various categories from Tamilrockers movies to Tamil mp3 songs as well as Tamilgunn download movies. The search findings are designed effectively & refined to include all other sub-groups.

History of Moviesda and Isaimini web sites

Moviesda is one of the most recognized and oldest pirated sites. Boasting of a humungous collection of regional categories enables the user to understand the relevant groups for easier access.

This is for the Tamil new movies download to Telugu films as well as HD versions to web shows; it’s a one-stop site for free streaming.

There are various add-ons, one of them being the quick download feature to its high-quality formats from Blueray to 720p to 1080p that boosted the rise of Moviesda.

However, the site faced a legal ban in India due to its being under the radar of illegal websites, allowing a free run of downloads. This didn’t deter the pirated site from aiding in Tamil new movies download as and whenever needed. The site was created keeping the Tamil users in mind.

The ban of pirated sites is not just in India, but piracy is considered a grave crime by the USA and many other countries. The criminal proceedings could charge one with being convicted for a jail term as well as coughing up hefty fines.

The sites under the purview of the ban in India include Tamil Moviesda, Movierulz, TamilRockers as well as 123movies. The government is working its way in continuous changing of extensions ranging from .com to .uz to keep piracy at bay.

Tamil Moviesda downloading sites offer a plethora of options introduced for lower quality. There are popular subsections that are arranged alphabetically, consisting of multiple TV shows, English movies, etc.

The parent domain of Isaimini controls Isaimini Moviesda. While the digital revolution and technological advancements have led to the emergence of digitized streaming apps, there are sites like a torrent that still run the game.

Isaimini has dubbed versions of Tamil movies to shows available under sub-sections. Isaimini, however, has undergone a name change to

How to unlock the content on this site

Isaimini Moviesda sites need content to be unlocked through a VPN. Though downloading movies is free for all; however, it is still suggested to use a VPN. Without a VPN, surfing across the contents might be difficult, and the Moviesda link can be unlocked only through a VPN.

Is it legal and safe to download movies?

There is always the accountability factor that crops up while downloading movies from these pirated websites. The risk factor for Moviesda is owing to the vulnerability that enables hackers to steal confidential information.

These sites, having been banned by the government, are also under the radar of anti-piracy legislation. Often cases suggest how Moviesda link leads users to third party ads that are not safe & corrupts both the mobile or PC due to intrusion of malware and viruses.

Sites like these hurt the movie industry’s sentiments, which runs big on theatrical releases, whereas pirated sites give undue access to free streaming & downloads.

Isaimini Website New Domain Link

The domain names of the pirated websites are frequently altered to enable users to downloads movies. Since most of them get blocked or are under the radar of piracy laws and regulations. Some of the examples of these links include Isaimini followed by extensions .la, .lol, .ch, .ai, .az, .vip, .hd etc.

Famous movies that were leaked through Moviesda

Moviesda is famous for multiple numbers of movie leaks. The site allows the streaming of Tamil movies in HD quality. This includes movies of a southern stalwart like Rajnikanth to superstars like Dhanush.

Some of the infamous names of movies that have been leaked are Petta Maari 2, Asuran & 2.0. There are newer releases that have also been targeted. These being Server Sundaram, MGR Magan, Jasmine, to Aayiram Porkasugal.

Moviesda 2020 is also responsible for leaking Rajnikanth’s latest venture Darbar. Multiple movies see releases in HD versions to grab the attention of people on these pirated sites. The leaks are curated to be mobile-friendly. Moviesda 2020 also famed for multiple leaks this year from Soorarai pottru to Biskoth and Mookuthi Amman.


These pirated sites are famed for giving access to free downloading of various TV shows to web series and original OTT content to movies.

Moviesda is not just limited to movies but is even famous for song leaks. Some extensions work online to give users access to free downloaded versions of Tamil language songs to Bollywood numbers.

Accessing movies through these sites is considered to be illegal of an act. Since every country has its own protocols in place to check plagiarism and piracy. Users engaging in such acts are considered to be carrying out an offense that clearly projects how much of a risk visiting these sites entail.

Since there are no limitations on the number of downloads and the ease and accessibility of it all makes the users addicted. From the daily updates to the availability of fresh contents, zero registration charges to nil subscription makes Moviesda all the more convenient & popular with each passing day.


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